How To Not Lose Sight of Your Dreams When Your in a Relationship

So your in a relationship but your starting to find it difficult to focus on your dream projects. You find yourself getting so consumed with your partner that you’re starting to wonder if your loosing the fire you had for your dreams and placing it on them.

Well here are some tips to help you grow your relationship without loosing the passion for your personal goals.

Invest in Yourself

When you’re in a relationship its normal to want to do things for your sweetheart but make sure you don’t forget about yourself.

Invest an equal amount of time into your own well being and make sure you set aside time to focus on your passion and hone the skills you need to advance towards your goals.


Set Aside date night

On the flip side sometimes focusing too much on your personal goals can put your relationship in the back seat.  If you set aside time for Date night you will subcouncously know that your not neglecting your relationship.  this will help you focus on you passions without worring if you negle

Make sure you set aside date night at least once a week, where both of you will take off your worker hats and just enjoy each other’s company.


Stay Active

They say if you do anything 21 days in a row it becomes habit. Make sure you stay active in your own life. Keep working out. Keep up with your vocal lessons. Keep up with your networking events. It can be so easy to just say, “I’ll just stay in tonight and hang out with my bae”, but falling too deep in the couch cyclone with your honey can be destructive.

Make sure you stay active, it will help keep your zest for life and your passions while keeping your relationship from hitting a slump.


Set Aside “Work-nights”

So you have a big deadline but your supposed to be spending time with you honey tonight… perfect solution! Work Night!

Set aside work nights where you and your SO hang out while working on your own separate projects. Working while in the presence of each other helps you feel more connected and creates a mutual feeling of support. You know what they say… the couple that works together stays together!


Enjoy Alone Time

Having a relationship and building your dream project while maintaining your sanity can be difficult. Make sure you take time to yourself.   Get your favorite book or watch your favorite TV show and veg out. Remember how great you are as an individual. Not how great your are because you in a relationship or how great you are because of your career and talents. Make sure you are happy as an individual. If you spend time being happy in solitude that it will give you a renewed strength for your passion projects and excitement for your relationship.


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