Get a Guy To Take You Seriously With These Tips


So your met this great guy and you don’t want your budding romance it to go sour like it has in the past.   Well first things first! This isn’t the past! This is the now and you can help mold the future you want using these tips.


Be About Something

It happens time and time again. A girl meets a guy and he asks her what her dreams are. She tells him that she’s looking to find the right guy, get married, and pop out a few kids. Suddenly her face is covered in a cloud of dust as he heads for the hills.

Have ambitions. Be about something! Tell him about your plans to take over the world! Every guy wants a girl that will keep him on his toes and that will inspire him to do anything.

So often, women get in relationships and neglect their own dream. Don’t! Show him your passions and actively pursue them. Or maybe you really just want to shack up and settle down. If that’s the case tell him about your plans to start that charity saving whales or how you’ve always wanted to do a triathlon.

Men will take a woman seriously if she shows she has substance and is more then just a pretty face.


Don’t Go On 1 Hour Monologues

So she’s on her first/second/third date and she’s having dinner with her hopefully soon to be “baby daddy” and there’s a stale moment in the conversation. She looks over and sees a girl who has the same dress on that she has in her own closet. Next thing you know she’s having an hour long talk fest about how her fashion sense is so amazing and how she’s a trend-setter and she always shops in the best places. STOP. Men do not find this topic interesting what so ever or if he does you should watch out because there’s a huge chance he might be gay.   If your telling him about something that you find interesting make sure you put some open ended questions to get his take on the subject. If he doesn’t have much to say change the subject.

The more random the topic is, the better.   If a girl is out at a restaurant and suddenly asks the guy if he’s ever wanted to go spelunking before suddenly she’s this intriguing girl that’s asking him questions that he’s never thought about before.


Don’t Be A Basic B!#&h

Yes we all love to stay in and indulge in a tub of ice cream while watching a marathon of the House Wives of Beverly hills, but he does not need to know this, at least not early on in the relationship. Every man wants to feel like his girl is one-in-a-million so by putting all of your female clichés on a pedestal is just going to make him think that you’re not as special as we both know you really are.

Show him the traits that make you unique and he will appreciate the fact that he’s found himself a unicorn.


Eye Contact

Eye contact is key to building any relationship. Always position yourself on dates to spend at least 1-hour across from each other having conversations while gazing into each other’s eyes. Also this works if you have a moment where you guys don’t know what to say you can just look at him and smile.  Having great silent eye contact also shows that you understand non-verbal and non-physical affection.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul so great eye contact indicates that your confortable around him and that you’re looking for a real connection.



Keep Your Dirty Clothes in the Closet

Yes, we’ve all got black out drunk and threw up on the side of the freeway before. However, this should not be revealed early on in the relationship. Don’t tell him about your slutty days in high school or how you once stole a sweater from old navy. To you it maybe a a funny story telling him about your crazy sorority days or how you once cheated on your x boyfriend, but to him all you’re telling him is that you’re the type of girl that’s capable to doing those things under the right circumstances and no guy will take a girl seriously who has that much baggage.


Keep those dirt socks in the hamper. Put the focus on things you’ve done that show good character, loyalty or work ethic.   Those are some traits every guy would want his girlfriend to have.


Have Integrity

This is probably the most important trait show for a man to fully invest in you. Integrity is you knowing your worth and not settling for less. Integrity is being a woman of her word and someone not willing to compromise their moral standards for other people. Integrity is having the confidence to walk about if a man is not giving you the respect you deserve.

You teach people how to treat you and when your first starting to date someone its so important to make sure you draw a line of things you will and will not put up with. If he says something inappropriate tell him it’s not ok. He might be taken aback but he will actually take you more seriously if you respect yourself enough to demand respect from him.

Treat him the way you want to be treated

This is so important at the beginning of a relationship.   All girls like to be complimented on that new dress or hairstyle and guys are no different. Men are just as insecure as woman and being told they look handsome or that they did a great job not only makes them feel good but shows him how you are a girl that will uplift him and always see the best in himself.

It’s important to be the one to set the standard for how you will treat each other in your relationship. If you are always kind to him you might be surprise by how nice he treats you back.


Be a Lady

Yes your supper fun and your bendy enough to do the most difficult yoga poses, but this is not something you show him while in public or within your first 5 dates. Be a lady. Sit with your legs crossed and try to refrain from too much profanity. I know this might sound anti feminist but it’s a fact that a man will want to invest his time with a classy girl not a raunchy girl that might embarrass him if he decides to take her home to meet his parents.


Don’t get trashed.

There really shouldn’t need too much explanation.

Simply put don’t get pissed drunk.

It can be tempting to order just one more drink. Hey everyone gets nervous around someone that they are starting to really like but getting hammered early on will on lead to mistakes and put you in the “party girl” category and no guy wants to take that girl to meet his boss at the company party.


Find Common Ground

Don’t be surprised if he’s not dying to lock you down because you would prefer watching foreign films instead of the super bowl.

Yes its true that opposites attract but no guy wants to spend his weekend shopping at Bloomingdales. Find fun things to do together that you both enjoy. Once he’s fully committed you can drag him to that art galley you’ve be dying to see.


Make Him Work For It

By “it” we’re talking sex. Don’t feel required to have sex because you’re on the 3rd date. The harder he has to work for it the more he will value you. Think about it, worth is calculated from supply and demand. The higher the supply, the lower the demand. Show him your sexuality is in high demand, which means it, doesn’t come easy.

Girls so often get sexual relationship confused with a romantic relationship. Just because a man has sex with you does not mean he likes you. Men have this crazy ability to have sex with whomever with zero attachment. Just because he wants to sleep with you does not mean he wants you to be the future mother to his children. Make him wait and value it. He’s more likely to stop sleeping with other women if he met this girl that makes be believe she has golden loins.



These are just a few tips to get him to commit but we can summarize this whole article by saying the goal is to make him fall head over heels for you. If he’s in love with you, getting him to commit won’t ever be a problem so be yourself and show him how awesome you are. Mastering the art of making a good first (second or third) impression can be but once he gets to know the real it’ll be hard for him to not take you seriously.

Also keep in mind that all men are different. If he’s not ready to commit it could have absolutely nothing to do with you. A man needs to feel happy with himself before he can go all in in a relationship.   Remember, not every guy is right for you and the more men you meet that aren’t compatible brings you one step closer to knowing what you really want and f

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